Staff & Team Polo Shirts, Custom Embroidered at Competitive Canadian Prices

Our custom embroidered polo shirts are perfect addition to your staff or team member’s uniforms, no matter what type of team or business you have. They will give your staff a professional look while representing your business. Although we typically embroider our polo shirts, we can occasionally print your logo on them with a special request. We stock pile a significant amount of polo shirts, so there is a minimum order quantity. We are the cheapest polo shirt supplier in Canada, and we offer over 30 different kinds shirts. The sizes for men range from XS to 6XL, and the sizes for women range from XS to 4XL.

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Why corporate embroidered polo shirts & sports polos?

Workplace dress codes often depend on the situation. For instance, working in a law firm or office requires professional dress, while working in a restaurant, warehouse, or grocery store typically dictates workers wear uniforms. Here, company owners and workers can learn some of the benefits of wearing uniforms and Embroidered Polo Shirts.

The Reasons for Work Uniforms

When a worker wears a uniform, it’s usually easy to tell what they do and where they work. However, in some cases, a skilled worker may face derision because a uniform can imply they do low-wage or menial work. Company polos and uniforms carry benefits to all companies, regardless of the field, and business owners should consider implementing a uniform policy after discussing it with employees. Uniforms with Embroidery can offer the following benefits:

  • A professional image. Uniforms make workers look more credible and professional, and they can provide visitors, clients, and customers with a favourable first impression. When workers look smart and capable, sales and customer satisfaction will increase.
  • A sense of teamwork and equality. Work uniforms and Sports Shirts can be a great team-building tool. When everyone wears the same thing to work, there’s a feeling of equality and team spirit in the workplace.
  • Greater productivity. Various studies illustrate uniform policies can increase workers’ overall productivity. When workers spend less time focusing on what they’ll wear to work, they can spend more time on important parts of the job.
  • Responsibility and pride. Similar to the studies cited above, a company-wide uniform policy can encourage workers to take more pride in the work they do.

While it may be argued that those in non-customer facing positions should not have to wear uniforms, it’s still wise for companies to implement a dress code.

Keep the Workplace Professional With a Mandatory Dress Code

When companies have a dress code, it typically requires employees to dress in business casual wear. Professional attire is, of course, preferred, but some companies are more lenient than others are. Companies can benefit from a corporate dress code for a variety of reasons. When workers are allowed to come to work in lounge-wear, they may not get much done because they feel like they’re at home. A recent CNN article said company policies have to strike a balance between providing customers with a professional image and allowing workers to feel at ease. Conversely, a worker’s alertness is affected by what they wear. A dress code should be professional while empowering employees to look and feel their best.

Taking the Guesswork Out of Getting Ready for Work

In business and industry, appearances are everything, and some workers can spend a great deal of time trying to put together the perfect work wardrobe. While those who work in offices and law firms should have a selection of professional attire, workers in other fields often have more relaxed dress requirements. When a company has a uniform policy, there’s no guesswork involved, and workers can quickly and easily get ready for the day.

While some workers in Canada, particularly young ones, may feel wearing a uniform is an infringement of their rights and freedoms, the truth is that it is often a condition of employment. Uniforms can provide workers with a sense of credibility, and they can make everyone look like a team. There are many benefits to workplace dress codes and uniform requirements, and they’re all about the company and the image it wants to portray to the community. When employees wear uniforms or Embroidered Polo Shirts, they present a cohesive, credible, and professional image that can boost morale and productivity while helping to increase sales.