Branded Business Bags & Custom Travel Items for Clients or Staff

Choosing a gift can be tough, but when it comes to business, we all have one thing in common, whatever we do – we are always busy! This means that branded business and travel bags are a fantastic option when it comes to personalizing corporate gifts with your company’s branding. Browse our premium range of high-quality products today and contact us to get started on creating your own unique gifts for clients, staff, or other VIPs!

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  1. A heathered grey business brief with a white logo
    Savannah Classic Business Brief
    Priced from $21.07 to $32.08
  2. A brown 15" cotton canvas compu-bag with dark brown leather style accents and a debossed logo
    Field & Co Cambridge 17" Compu Bag
    Priced from $48.57 to $61.20
  3. The front view of a black 17" compu-brief with debossed logo
    Velocity 17" Compu-Brief
    Priced from $58.07 to $73.17
  4. A leather business brief with debossed logo
    Leather Marle Business Brief
    Priced from $51.15 to $82.16
  5. A brown laptop brief with debossed logo and angled open image in the top right corner
    Super Padded Laptop Brief
    Priced from $87.15 to $133.66
  6. An angled view of a brown with black accents computer messenger bag with a white logo
    Carhartt Signature 17" Compu-Messenger Bag
    Priced from $117.07 to $147.50
  7. A brown compu-brief with white and red logo
    Carhartt Signature Compu-Brief
    Priced from $131.02 to $165.08
  8. A blue expandable saddle bag with taupe accents and a white and orange logo on the front
    Northwest Expandable Saddle Bag
    Priced from $28.20 to $35.53
  9. A black vertical computer brief with brown clock and gear logo
    Verona Vertical 15" Compu-Brief
    Priced from $29.97 to $37.65
  10. A black TSA 15" messenger bag with a full colour logo on the front
    Kenneth Cole Vert TSA 15" Messenger Bag
    Priced from $91.55 to $115.35
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Items 1-12 of 61

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On-the-go is synonymous with our working lives, from meetings to traveling to events, the idea of a businessperson’s lunch often conjures up less ideals of fancy restaurants than a realistically hastily eaten snack on public transport. However, there is one ray of light when it comes to knowing how busy we all are – it makes for easy gifting. Choosing a business bag for those you work with or even friends and family is a smart move when it comes to corporate gifts and, best of all, with our company it’s stress free too.

So, other than being on the move, why should you select something like a business briefcase for your corporate travel gifts over, say, a hat or even a novelty gift instead? Corporate travel accessories offer more than just a place to throw all your paperwork in – custom printed items like executive travel bags can offer a smoother day to day life too. Many of these branded corporate travel gifts are created with multiple storage functions. From business card holders and dividers, to laptop storage in executive laptop bags, to multiple paperwork segregation options, corporate messenger bags and their relations, the business computer bag and even the executive travel duffle all offer something more – easier organization. And in business we know that time really can be money. Keeping things organized can help with smoother meetings, easier information retrieval and even better punctuality (because who wants to be digging through their pockets for their ticket or pass when the train is leaving in just a few moments?). It may be a cliché, but organization really is key and with business bags it is most certainly not out of reach.

A more professional image, without the expense. Having a suit and tie is great, but with styles changing and even varying dress codes between establishments you can quickly go from looking sharp to looking... dated or out of place. But we all know that sadly we can’t turn up in our most casual clothing to important events, which leaves us with a dilemma – how should we dress? Smart-casual is becoming more common, but when we really want to shine – choosing the right accessories can help a lot, and that’s where executive briefcases come into play. By bringing your documents or devices in a high-quality debossed bag you are showing the world “I am established, I am organized, and I am professional”. With so many people making judgements about a stranger within moments of meeting them, establishing that positive first impression is vital in business and executive briefcases are a great addition to your image.

Finally, why choose a custom printed item for your corporate travel gifts? Would any plain item not have the same effect? Well, if that were the case then we would buy all our items, everywhere from the grocery store to the mall – in unbranded packaging. Image really is everything in our modern world and having engraved or printed logos is a great way to make an impression. If you are considering gifts for staff or those you wish to thank for their work, putting that personal yet professional final touch can quickly transform items like corporate blankets into something more luxurious, elite and yet personal at the same time. Plus, it couldn’t hurt for your brand awareness as well, right? By placing your logo on something that has the potential to travel from place to place like a business messenger bag or business and travel bags in general then you can show the world your important logo and create a quality, lasting item for your recipient at the same time – now that’s smart business gifting.

So, when it comes to selecting business gifts for your event or the corporate season, it seems there’s no doubt about the multiple benefits of choosing imprinted executive bags for those who matter to you. All you have left to do is decide which one you like best, and that could be a tough business decision to make!


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