photo of people with a dog having a picnic and key features listed; add your logo to items they'll use often, build brand recognition and trust, promote fun and positivity

Custom Printed & Personalized Products for the Home, the Outdoors & More!

Whether you are looking to create outdoor promotional items or items around the house, getting your company name associated with ‘the good times’ in people’s lives and keeping your message on their minds can be affordable and easy to achieve - when you work with Dynamic Gift Canada! So why not choose to be a part of your customer’s home life, the fun times indoors, outside and most importantly - remind them of your brand with personalized products for the home!

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  1. 5 knives with a laser engraved logo on the magnetic strip they are attached to
    Scanpan Knife Set with Magnet (5pc)
    Priced from $176.60 to $199.75
  2. A light wood knife block with a laser engraved logo and 6 knives in the block
    Scanpan Classic Knife Block Set (6pc)
    Priced from $167.76 to $189.75
  3. A 4 piece stainless steel cheese knife set made up of a cheese cleaver, a hard cheese knife, a parmesan cheese knife, and a cheese fork
    Swissmar Petite Cheese Knife Set (4pc)
    Priced from $35.89 to $40.60
  4. A dark beech wood mill with a metal accent and a laser engraved logo on the base
    Swissmar Milano Mill
    Priced from $40.45 to $45.75
  5. An 8" olive wood and stainless steel mill with an engraved logo on the front near the base
    Swissmar Belle Mill
    Priced from $44.16 to $59.75
  6. An 8" clear acrylic pepper grinder with a stainless steel top and a red logo on the front
    Swissmar Torre Acrylic Mill
    Priced from $27.10 to $35.75
  7. A grey slate rectangular serving board with a laser engraved logo in the bottom left corner
    Swissmar Rectangular Serving Board
    Priced from $28.13 to $32.85
  8. A black and orange julienne straight peeler with an orange logo
    Swissmar Julienne Straight Peeler
    Priced from $14.64 to $17.65
  9. A red and black double edged straight peeler with a red logo
    Swissmar Double Edge Straight Peeler
    Priced from $12.24 to $14.75
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Items 1-12 of 160

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Be part of the party with promotional outdoor products

Being the focus of any gathering is an advertiser’s dream but achieving it can be tricky without the right product! Promotional outdoor products that the party or event can gather round are a great method of creating an imprinted item that will be the focus point of a gathering, from frisbees to picnic baskets – get your brand the attention it deserves by choosing outdoor promotional items and part of the memories of that awesome day that can last a lifetime.

Why being a part of your customer’s home life is so important

Having your custom printed message out in public is fantastic, but there is a chance you might get missed or forgotten by your target audience as they are processing so much information at once! In our modern world you cannot turn without seeing a message or logo and sometimes this can cause us to tune things out. Advertising in your target audience’s home with personalized products for the home like promotional wine accessories or promotional kitchenware can be a great way to earn more attention and focus – without your competitors distracting your potential customer!

Creating a product that your customer values

It’s simple logic that a product that a person has a use for, and values is something that will be likely to stay with them, but this doesn’t mean you have to invest in fine china! Items that have personal value aren’t always the most expensive - for example, your clients may have pets so items like good quality imprinted promotional pet products could easily become coveted items for this person. Creating the right type of product for your customer or target consumer can make the difference between something that is kept Vs thrown away far more than the price might affect it. With this in mind, why not choose items linked to something that almost all of us value – rest and relaxation! And make personalized products for the home your next big thing.

Reselling or gifting items that people love

When we have a store to stock or even gifts to buy, it can be easy to get overwhelmed and not know what to choose. No one wants to create an item that will be poorly received as the result can be anything from a loss of sales to personal offence and what started out as well meaning can quickly turn sour. One method to help greatly reduce this risk it to put your custom printed message on an item that has value to a customer such as being practical, or in the case of home and outdoor items, also often increasing their relaxation enjoyment when the working day is done. This makes items like BBQ tools, wine kits and more a fantastic choice for re-gifting or reselling in many places and helps explain why the use of both indoor and outdoor promotional items are so popular with many marketing campaigns.

Don’t miss out on the party, contact us to get started today

Whether you are looking for travel promotional items, promotional kitchenware or something for the outdoors, choosing promotional products for the home and outdoors can be a great way to advertise in a creative yet practical way. If you are considering this product why not take advantage of our fast quote times or get in touch with our friendly, highly experienced staff today? We have an in house art service and highly competitive pricing so contact Dynamic Gift Canada now and let’s get started!