Company Branded Messenger Bags & Customized Conference Bags

Good marketing brings in new customers and clients, and creates a firmer and more positive image for the company it was intended for. Bad marketing simply drains budgets without ever creating a return on investment worth mentioning. This is why any marketing investment needs to be carefully planned out in order to ensure that it actually has a positive echo with your target audience. On top of that, you need to show your audience some respect and provide some value for your invasion on their attention. This is especially tricky to achieve in the corporate environment and B2B environments where you usually have a more direct contact with clients and business partners and you really need to watch your step.

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  1. black checkpoint friendly computer case with cream logo on front
    Hive Checkpoint-Friendly 15" Compu-Case
    Priced from $34.25 to $43.15
  2. A black computer brief with full colour logo
    Metro 15" Compu-Brief
    Priced from $31.43 to $39.60
  3. yellow one strap tote with dark red logo
    Cross Town Tote
    Priced from $1.96 to $2.99
  4. grey and black sling bag with full colour logo
    Sling Shot Sling Bag
    Priced from $6.97 to $8.78
  5. royal blue and black with grey accents messenger bag with blue logo
    Bolt Urban Messenger Bag
    Priced from $8.27 to $10.42
  6. A black sport saddle bag with full colour logo
    Excel Sport Expandable Saddle Bag
    Priced from $19.83 to $24.98
  7. A black TSA 15" messenger bag with a full colour logo on the front
    Kenneth Cole Vert TSA 15" Messenger Bag
    Priced from $91.55 to $115.35
  8. A black 15" compu-messenger bag with a blue and white logo
    Verona 15" Compu-Messenger Bag
    Priced from $30.23 to $38.10
  9. An angled view of a navy cotton canvas and vinyl 20" duffle bag that is open at the top to show the contents stored within. The bag also has a debossed logo on the front
    Field & Co. 20" Duffle
    Priced from $39.18 to $49.37
  10. A black with grey accents messenger bag with blue and white logo
    Excursion Cargo Messenger Bag
    Priced from $15.25 to $19.22
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Messenger Bags Make Awesome Staff Gifts!

These are the situations where utility needs to be taken into account. Offering value in return for exposure means that you actually appreciate the attention you are getting and you are ensuring the alleviation of the aggressiveness you are using during your marketing campaign. This is why promotional gifts are most commonly used in these kinds of situation,s but you can’t just give anything to your partners and clients. You need to make sure that the gifts are suitable for the situation. Another potential problem for this kind of promotion can be the cost of suitable gifts for these conferences or events. 

Your Logo Deserves the best!

We offer a wide range of promotional gifts that perfectly fit into the corporate environment while keeping your expenses within a reasonable range. Messenger bags and corporate satchels fit the profile perfectly while offering utility to the people on the receiving end. They can be used to give your other promotional material, like pamphlets, key chains and other products all tied into one sweet promo bag with your logo on it. They also won’t end up being one of those items that will get thrown away or that will gather dust in some drawer. Their utility ensures exposure which is ultimately their basic purpose. If you take into account all of these facts then it is no wonder that these products are the most popular ones for corporate promotion.

Big Variety of Options Available

Our bags and satchels come in a variety of colors and different materials. Your logo can be printed or embodied and we are here to help you decide which one is most suitable for your design. We guarantee the quality of our products so you never feel ashamed when presenting someone with one of your promo bags. We also offer rush delivery if you are in a tight spot. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in any details or you are unsure about any details. Our products work great for expos, corporate meetings and similar promotional opportunities. They can also be used as gifts for staff members so as to boost morale, etc. Exposure is crucial but so is style, and we offer you the most appropriate solutions for corporate situations. Give us a call or contact us via instant chat support.