Promotional Lunch Bags & Custom Lunch Coolers Canada

The world may be changing as we know it, but one thing stays the same and that’s that we all need to eat. However, with our lives becoming increasingly busy, and fast food being economically out of reach on a regular basis for most- this can be a challenge. However, there’s no need for people to get the workday hangries just yet, instead why not try using a lunch bag from Dynamic Gift Canada? Whatever your go to, health food, junk food – a lunch cooler is a great way to protect your food while you get from point A to B or C. Lightweight, durable and above all, easily portable – what more could you ask for?

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  1. Non Woven Insulated Grocery Tote
    Non Woven Insulated Grocery Tote
    Priced from $4.45 to $6.60
  2. red lunch bag or cooler with full colour logo
    Cooler / Lunch Bag
    Priced from $4.98 to $7.32
  3. An angled view of an open graphite coloured and black accented 6 can lunch cooler filled with food and with a full colour logo on the front
    Quarry 6 Can Lunch Cooler
    Priced from $6.17 to $7.77
  4. red with black accents cooler bag with full colour logo
    Almada Cooler Bag
    Priced from $13.98 to $21.96
  5. natural coloured cotton lunch bag with green logo
    Cotton Lunch Bag
    Priced from $3.00 to $4.60
  6. red and black 6 can lunch cooler with full colour logo and slightly unzipped to show food within
    Peak 6-Can Lunch Cooler
    Priced from $9.23 to $11.63
  7. grey and black lunch cooler with lunch insider and green and white logo
    Stay Puff Lunch Cooler Bag
    Priced from $9.52 to $11.98
  8. brown coloured laminated non woven lunch bag in the open position filled with food and showing purple logo
    Laminated Non-Woven Lunch Bag
    Priced from $4.82 to $6.07
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8 Items

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Get to the heart of your target audience, or appeal to their stomach at least!

Lunch coolers are a great giveaway or promo tool, because everyone loves food! Creating a promotional item that is valued can be a huge challenge, no matter what the company, but with this product you have an ideal, highly coveted item for a wide audience range. A product holding important goods is unlikely to be forgotten (because let’s be honest, who doesn’t prioritise their lunch before leaving the house?), helping ensure your important message won’t get left behind in the kitchen drawer.

A great advertising choice

With a large surface area for printing your important message and a product that will be likely carried around for others to see, Lunch coolers a great advertising choice for almost anyone. Appealing to a wide audience range, your product is also likely to be at the hub of any work gathering. With lunch time, or any food time being a time people tend to be the most social – your custom printed product is likely to be a source of conversation. With so many people wanting to talk but often not knowing their co-workers very well, a lunch bag is a great conversation starter too. Help make your slogan the talking point of the day and imprint your brand in the minds of the public with this practical and highly customisable item!

Lunch time's over, but your advertising isn’t!

Just because lunch is finished, it doesn’t mean your advertisement goes away with it. This product is likely to be store on desks in a visible place, so its owner doesn’t forget it at home time – or even filled with different items to take home. Easy to carry, this fantastic item will likely be on show on communal transport too, helping spread your message further and raising your company’s profile with the public.

Saving money and time

A bag as sturdy and useful as this will be unlikely to only go with its owner to work or school. Picnics, rallies, festivals – the world can be an expensive place for those dining on the go and people are becoming rapidly more aware of this. In addition to this, the queues for anywhere in public can be terrible and there’s nothing like having to stand in line for hotdogs for an hour one time, to make anyone reach for that lunch carrier before the next day out and be grateful that your company provided them with such a helpful item!

Saying 'thank you' in a practical way

Why not try to help those who work hard at the expense of their own mealtimes and show that you appreciate them at the same time? Students who must study long hours, staff who sometimes don’t have time to get that lunch break- show them you notice and appreciate them with a gift that is practical and useful at the same time? Lightweight, durable and above all, useful – helping those who matter to you and spreading your message to the world has never been so easy!

Working with us

Our custom printed products are not only a great way to increase your brand recognition but are affordable and long lasting. With fast turn around times, our dedicated team, and competitive pricing what is there to lose? So why not contact us at Dynamic Gift Canada today and let us help you get started on achieving the product you need.