Custom Woven Laminated Tote Bags & Carry Bags

Similar to our range of printed tote bags these are a laminated material which is excellent if a waterproof application is needed. They can all be fully branded with your logo or branding in a myriad of colours and they look great in replacement of standard grocery bags. Talk to us today for a rapid written quote and a free visual mock-up prior to production.

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  1. white laminated woven tote with black logo
    Recycled Laminated Woven Tote
    Priced from $3.20 to $4.94
  2. white and black extra large shopper with green and orange logo and black handles
    Extra Large Recycled Shopper
    Priced from $2.85 to $4.42
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We have all been there.

You go into the grocery store for one thing and end up buying ten (I know I said I only needed tomato sauce but these flamingo shaped biscuits and this pool float shaped like my astrology sign are on sale for today only!). You stagger to the register, depositing things in an ungainly pile and wait absentmindedly as they are scanned.

‘Do you need to purchase a bag?’ A question that would not have even been used five years ago and is now as common as ‘how are you doing today?’ stops your daydreaming cold. You do need a bag, it’s a long way to the car and those impulse bought biscuits are fragile. You have a choice. You can try to juggle your groceries to the car, or you can purchase a single use bag and watch the cashier’s silent look of judgment as you add another layer of unwanted, limited use plastic to the environment’s problems. You freeze, locked in an internal battle over what to do, as behind you the queue becomes longer. Your ice cream is melting. You panic, take the cheap way out and your sense of shame rides in the passenger seat all the way home and into the cupboard or worse, the trash. You vow never again. If only you had owned a woven tote or branded carry bag, none of this would have happened.

Ok that may be a slight exaggeration, but let’s face it – single use plastic of any kind is rapidly becoming taboo and companies are not only looking for ways to reduce plastic, but to project an eco-positive image to the world. With an estimated 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags consumed worldwide annually, the impact on the environment is no longer something that can be ignored, and has become a topic of heated debate. Companies have begun adding a fee for throw away bags but this is both unpopular with the consumer and unfortunately does not mean the bag won’t end up blowing down the highway with your business name on it, declaring to the world that you are harming the planet and creating negative advertising for the world to see.

Stylish, affordable and long lasting

Printed shopper bags are an awesome solution to this problem for both consumer and business owner. They are long lasting, durable, lightweight and above all – stylish. Gone are the days of plain grey bags (unless that’s your thing!). With roomy storage, practical and strong handles made from sturdy material, woven totes are an item that can be both useful and trendy. Choose from not only our wide selection of colour choices, but also make sure your logo and imagery is placed on this portable billboard with a personalized imprint!

Practical advertising = smart advertising

Choosing what your logo is displayed on, and how much visual impact the choice demonstrates can make or break a company. Printed shopper bags are a smart choice because you are already placing your image on an item that is both in demand with the public and in high use. This means not only is the customer reminded of your business every time they reach for that handy branded carry bag, but while in transit your slogan or image is likely to be seen by countless more people, raising brand awareness! Help your business grow and give your customers something they can use rather than something that will lay forgotten at home. Give them custom printed shopper bags and rest easy knowing your company is practically self-advertising!

Save the planet and your company money at the same time!

No company, whatever the size, has an infinite budget for advertising, so choosing the right product to place your logo on is highly important. Recycled totes are a great choice for any company that not only needs low cost, long term advertising but that also realizes the value of advertising their business in an eco friendly manner. Dynamic Gift Canada also offers a low price guarantee, and a no obligation artwork mock up, helping you spend wisely, affordably and freeing up your finances to invest in other areas. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today and bag yourself advertising that is eco-positive, customer positive and above all – budget positive today!