photos of a memento metal keyrings and custom car dealer keychains with key features listed; retail at souvenir shops and car dealerships, great gift for teams or club members, create custom shapes and styles

Metal Keychains & Keyrings Custom Made to Almost Any Shape or Size

If you’re looking for the top promotional products to give away to your potential customers, we can help. Our keychains and key rings are perfect for any type of event, can be customized to meet your needs, and are available at an extremely competitive prices.

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  1. Contactless Tool Keyring
    Contactless Tool Keyring
    Priced from $2.38 to $4.45
  2. Raised Enamel Keyrings
    Raised Enamel Keyrings
    Priced from $1.20 to $4.95
  3. Full Colour Printed Keyrings
    Full Colour Printed Keyrings
    Priced from $5.75 to $1.20
  4. speech bubble shaped epoxy dome keyring with blue and white screen print
    Screen Printed Keyrings
    Priced from $1.20 to $3.95
  5. misty copper round shaped moulded and polished keyring with split ring attached
    Moulded & Polished Keyrings
    Priced from $1.20 to $6.95
  6. Recessed Enamel Keyrings
    Recessed Enamel Keyrings
    Priced from $1.20 to $4.95
  7. Carabiner with Split Key Ring
    Carabiner with Split Key Ring
    Priced from $0.92 to $1.42
  8. blue silicone keychain with a white logo and a split ring
    Silicone Keychains (Adloop)
    Priced from $0.40 to $1.65
  9. Wrist Strap Lanyards
    Wrist Strap Lanyards
    Priced from $0.53 to $2.94
  10. Five strap lanyards in a fan style display. The first is blue with a black logo. The one behind is black with a white logo. Behind this there is a grey one with a dark grey logo and the next one is purple with a white logo. The final one is red with a dar
    Cara Strap Lanyards
    Priced from $0.55 to $2.79
  11. Mini Multi-Function Key Ring
    Mini Multi-Function Key Ring
    Priced from $1.39 to $1.85
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Custom keychains will promote your brand to the masses!

They’re sure to help your business with brand recognition and are something your customers will love. We offer many different options and are the top supplier of keychains and key rings in Canada so you’re sure to find what you need.

Perfect for Promotional or Other Events

If you’ve got a promo event coming up, our promo keychains are exactly what you need. They can be branded with your company information and you can choose any style you want to make a big impact on your customers. Since they’re meant to be used frequently, they’re something that’s going to be out and easy for others to spot. You’ll love all of the customization options we offer and will be able to create the perfect keychains to give away at any promo event.

Get Your Business Seen by Others

The main idea behind promo items is to make sure your business branding is seen by as many people as possible. Our custom key chains are made from durable materials like metal, so they’re going to hold up for as long as possible. You won’t have to worry about your logo fading from view when they’re used by your customers. They’re something your customers are going to appreciate and definitely use daily, which means there’s a lot of chances for other people to see your branding and start to recognize your business.

When you customize our keychains with your business info or logo, it’s easy to get your business out there and seen by others. People might not realize they’ve taken note of the logo on a keychain when they see it, but with time, the keychains lead to more brand recognition for your business, which leads to more customers.

Choose the Right Keychains

You’ll want to look through all of our options to find the right keychains for your business. We have printed keyrings, raised enamel keychains, die struck keychains, and more for you to choose from. All of our keychains are made from high-quality materials that are designed to last, so you can’t go wrong with any of them. Choose the one that has the perfect customization options to enable you to create a keychain you’ll be proud to give away to your customers.

Customize the Keychain You Prefer

Once you’ve chosen the type of keychain you want, you can look into our customization options. Whether you’re interested in printed keyrings or die-cast keychains, you’ll have a number of options to consider so you can create the precise keychain you want. Choose the basic shape, the metal used, colors, and more. We offer many customization options to ensure you can create a keychain that works well for your business and that you’re going to love.

Ask About Your Options Today

If you’re not sure what will work best for your logo or you aren’t sure which options are the right one for your business, let us know. We can help you make the right design choices for your keychain and can offer a fast quote for the options you’re considering so you can get as many keychains as possible without going over your budget. We’re going to make sure you love the keychains you order from us.

Wholesale Prices and Fast Shipping Available

You may be concerned about the cost of custom key chains, but we can put your worries to rest. We offer the best wholesale prices, so you’re sure to get the keychains you need without going over your budget. We only offer bulk orders so you can get as many as you need and make sure they’re available as quickly as possible. Our fast turnaround times and shipping times mean you don’t have to wait long for your keychains to arrive and be ready to be given away.

If you’re looking for the best promo items, we can help. We offer many customized options for promo keychains and are the top supplier of custom keychains in Canada. Take a look at the keychains we offer today and start customizing one for your next promo event or contact us to get help today. You and your customers are going to appreciate the stunning, high-quality keychains you give away at your next event.